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How to Use This Website

It is very easy to this website. The following simple steps will help you browse through.

1). Finding your item.

1a). If you know your item number, just key in the number in the keyword search box in the upper right corner and click “go”. An icon of this item will show up. You can then see the details by clicking the icon.  You may also see other related icons.  Clicking any one of them will lead to the details of this item.

1b). You can also type in a word or a phrase in the keyword search box and click “go”.  However, due to variation in spelling, you may have to try more than once. For example we use the word “sleigh” to describe the winter sport vehicle.  If you key in the word “sled”, the computer will not find it.

1c). If you are looking for a particular size, click the advance search box.  A window will open up. Please fill in the size, the height; choose the shape, the configuration, and the material. Then click “search”. The computer will list the icons of the items within 20% of your specifications. You can click any icon to view the details.

1d). Use the left panel to browse what we have. The left panel contains many categories.  Each category contains several subcategories.  If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can open the + box in front of each category to view the subcategories. Otherwise you can click a category then the main screen will list all the subcategories.  When you click a subcategory, you will see the icons in the main screen and then click the icon to view the details

2). Finding related items.

2a). There is a box “Go to related subcategories” in the descriptions of each item. Open the box and you will see a list of subcategories.  Select a subcategory you are interested in. The computer will list the icons for you to choose.

2b). In some cases, you go directly from one item to another similar item.  Your mouse knows it when you stop on a word or phrase, which brings you to another item.

2c). Click the “Back” bottom on your computer. This will bring you back to the page before.

2d). Use the left panel to browse again. The left panel always stays there. Use it to control your activity.

3). Ready to order.

When you find your item, select a color in the “Color & Finish” box; fill in the quantity in the quantity box; then click “Buy Now”.

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