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Our Catalogue

Our Printed Catalogue is available on line now. If you have a color printer, you can print the PDF files of each catalogue page. You can also print out the price list of each page. Please click Current Catalogue and follow the instructions there.

Our Internet Catalogue is organized by categories and sub categories. On the left panel you can see the list of the categories and sub categories. On some browsers, the categories can be expanded or shrinked.

The following are how the left panel categories are arranged. Click a category and you will see the subcategories under this category. Then select the subcategory you wish to view. This will let you see the icons under this subcategory. You can then click the icon you like to view the complete descriptions of this item.

In each item page, there is a drop down window to let you go to all of the subcategories this item belongs to. This let you to see other related items.

New Items

Reusable Bags Non woven bags are great way to help our environment. Comsumers will bring the bags to your store and reuse them. There ways to encourage them by offering rebate each time they use it again. For details, please contact

Wood Boxes by Functions This category features wood slat baskets and wood buckets, and wood boxes for various functions.

Wood Boxes by Finish Wood boxes here are grouped by the finish. If you like a certain finish, you can view them quickly.

Wicker Baskets by Shape & Size In this category, baskets are arranged by the shape and size.
Oval and rectangular baskets are categorized as follows: 18" and over as large, 12" to 18" as medium, less than 12" as small.
Round and square baskets are categorized as follows: 16" and over as large, 10" to 16" as medium, less than 10" as small.

Wicker Baskets in Special Weave In this category you can view baskets by the way they are woven. Some weavings are traditional, while many others are latest inovation by artistic weavers.

Wire Baskets Wire baskets can be made into precise shapes. They are great to make gift baskets for special occasions. In this category, we have wire baskets finished in metallic. We also have wire baskets powder coated and can go through dish washing machines.

Metal Baskets & Containers This category features metal containers in old fashion as well as practical purpose. They are water proof.

Other Materials Listed in this category are baskets made of birch bark, burlap, hyacinth stalk, rattan, recycled paper, poli tubing, sea grass, unpeeled willow.

Food & Wine Under this category, baskets, wire and metal containers for food and wine are featured. Many items can also be found in the categories above.

Special Occasions In this category we highlight baskets devoted to religious functions and holidays, special occasions, and special shapes.

Health & Beauty This category features baskets for baby products, health and beauty, personal products and hotel amenities.

Miscellaneous Groups This category features baskets for homes, offices and other functions.

Flowers and Plants The containers here are for garden centers, greenhouse, and florists. Wicker baskets are available with plastic liners or self lined with plastic sheets to hold water. Metal buckets are water proof. In some cases, we drill small holes on the buckets to allow good drainage. This category has a lot of products customized to fit live plants.

Direct Import Baskets Making Gift baskets is becoming more sophisticated each day. It is fast growing and highly competitive. To succeed in this environment, you need to plan ahead.
Direct Import is the perfect solution to your success. First, you are guaranteed to have the complete delivery. How many times have we heard that our baskets have run out and our suppliers could not replenish for us? Secondly, you can come up with your own basket design. Last but not lease, direct import actually saves you money, especially if you can take advantage of our various services.
You place your order with us and we will deliver, normally in 90 days. You can choose from the baskets as shown here or send us your designs, we will make samples for you. The following are representative baskets we have made before.

On Special

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