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Wood Boxes by Finish

Wood boxes here are grouped by the finish. If you like a certain finish, you can view them quickly.

1. Dark Burnt Wood Boxesboxes in sloped shape | straight up and down boxes | boxes with lid | flat trays | trays with plastic insert
These boxes and trays are made of balsa wood, the greenest wood on earth.

2. Lightly Burnt Wood Boxes
The surface of each box went through the process of torching. The technique is more difficult than that it appears. Too much of it can burn down he wood, while too little of it cannot create the color affect.

3. Natural WoodFlat Tray | Sectional Tray with Wood Divider | Sectional Tray with Plastic Liner | Box without Cover | Sliding Lid | Hinged Lid | Shoe Box Lid

4. Varnished Wood & Other FinishesVarnished | Burnt and Washed | Mud Burnt
The boxes and trays in this page are finished in other processing methods.

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