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New Items

1. 2021 New IntroductionNew Baskets | New Candy Trays | New Boxes | Other New Items
These items are not in any of our catalogues.

2. Bamboo BoxesBamboo Slat Boxes without Lid | Bamboo Slat Boxes with lid | Compressed Bamboo Boxes
These are the greenest boxes you can make. They are made of bamboo, balsa wood, birch veneer, and poplar. All items are fast bio-degradable.

3. Birch Veneer BoxesBoxes that stand up | Boxes which lay down
Birch is a hard wood. Birch veneer can be imprinted with your logo. Yet it can be shaped into different shapes of boxes.

4. Candy traysWith plastic liner | With wood dividers | without divider | with lid
These trays are great for candy and nuts

5. compressed bamboo boxes
Bamboo is a grass. It quickly degrades when buried underground. Modern technology can compress to make it behave like wood. Following are boxes made of compressed bamboo.

6. Dark Burnt Wood Boxesboxes in sloped shape | straight up and down boxes | boxes with lid | flat trays | trays with plastic insert
These boxes and trays are made of balsa wood, the greenest wood on earth.

7. Hanging Plant BasketsCone shaped wicker | Flat bottom wicker | Galvanized metal | Metal racks for planting cones
These baskets are for direct planting, with solid hangers to avoid shipping damages.

8. Lightly Burnt Wood BoxesNatural Burnt | charcoal burnt | mud burnt
The surface of each box went through the process of torching. The technique is more difficult than that it appears. Too much of it can burn down he wood, while too little of it cannot create the color affect.

9. Olive Oil Boxesregular 200ml and 375ml | mini 60ml and 100ml | Spice bottle
These boxes fit standard olive oil bottles or mini bottles. They can be custom made to fit any bottles.

10. Recycled Rope BasketsBuff | Chocolate | Brown
These baskets are made of recycled paper. Recycled paper is made into rope and then woven into baskets. Baskets made with this material are extremely eco friendly.

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