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Miscellaneous Groups

This category features baskets for homes, offices and other functions.

1. Americana Baskets
Give a gift basket during our National Holidays and to welcome home our soliders.

2. Baskets of Special ShapesWillow | Wood base | Wire | Other shapes
These baskets are made in the shapes of the state map, or shapes of significances. We can make other designs out of this group. Only needed is your suggestions.

3. Casino BasketsNon Exclusive Merchandise | Exclusive Merchandise
Casinos are great sellers of Gift Baskets. The customers who have had good luck will want to bring something home. Many casino hotels also make up gift baskets for their V.I.P. customers as gesture of appreciation. The following are the containers for the Casinos industry. Some are exclusive, some are not.

4. Dog bone baskets
Dogs enjoy their gifts as much as human. Bone shaped baskets are great gifts for dogs.

5. Kitchen & Table Top Baskets

6. Magazine/Storage Baskets

7. Mini Baskets
These baskets are less than 6" in any dimension.

8. Tea BasketsRegular Series | Miniature Series
Tea drinking is the fastest growing American pastime, either for health reasons or just for enjoyment. Hence Giving Tea has become hot for all ocassions.

We have assembled a great collection of Tea drinking related items.

9. Texas Baskets
Texans are extremely proud of their state. The following collections of Texas Baskets. are made according to our customers' instructions. If your need is different, please give us your drawings and we will make for you.

10. Wedding FavorsCenter Pieces | Wedding Favors
Baskets are great for Wedding both as center pieces and as the wedding favors.

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