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Special Functions

In this category we highlight baskets devoted to religious functions and holidays, special occasions, and special shapes.

1. Americana Baskets
Give a gift basket during our National Holidays and to welcome home our soliders.

2. Apple BasketsApple Shaped Wire Baskets | Baskets with apple decor

3. Baskets in Special ShapesWillow | Wood base | Wire | Other shapes
These baskets are made in the shapes of the state map, or shapes of significances. We can make other designs out of this group. Only needed is your suggestions.

4. Christmas BasketsRed & Green Stained | Gold Painted | wire baskets

5. Christmas Baskets on SpecialRed and Green | Gold or Silver | Country
The following baskets are on pre Christmas special.

6. Easter BasketsWicker Baskets | Wire Baskets | Burlap & Other Materials

7. Father's Day giftsGolfing | Fishing | Beer Drinking | War Heros | Sailors | Hunters | Gardening
Fathers work hard. They do not spend much, except on a few vices. What can we do for them on Father's Day?

8. Halloween Baskets
Halloween is a fast growing holiday. Our collections are great for candy packing.

9. Heart Shaped BasketsWire Heart Baskets | Willow Heart Baskets | Heart Baskets w/Handles
Heart Shaped baskets always have special meanings. They warm your heart. They can be used for all seasons.

10. Judaica BasketsWire | Wicker w/handle | Wicker without handle | Wood.
Judaica Baskets

11. Men's Gift Items
It is hard to find gifts for Men. We have collected the following items based on thousands of customers experiences.

12. Mother's Day collectionsSmall Wire | Medium Wire | galvanized | Burlap | Willow | Wood
Mother's Day is the biggest event in the Spring. This is the time to show our appreciation to our mothers, who took care of us when we were young.

Coe & Dru has selected the following baskets and containers for you to make beautiful gift baskets.

13. Purim BasketsWillow | Wire | Wood
Purim is the time of giving. We have selected the most popular baskets for you to pack your favorite food for this holiday.
Purim falls on
March 20, 2008

14. Religeous & Ethnics BasketsJudaica | Christianity | Irish

15. Seasonal BasketsHalloween | Fall Harvest | Christmas

16. SleighsSmall Sleighs | Medium Sleighs | Large Sleighs
Sleighs are alway the symbol of Christmas.

17. Spring Baskets on SpecialBamboo Baskets | Wood Baskets | Burlap Baskets | Wire Baskets | Valentine Baskets
Spring Baskets on Special

18. Valentine BasketsCandy | HBA | Willow | Sets | Floral
Valentine is the time to open yourself. Show a little love with the help of Coe & Dru. Click on the pictures below to enlarge them.

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