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Other Materials

Listed in this category are baskets made of birch bark, burlap, hyacinth stalk, rattan, recycled paper, poli tubing, sea grass, unpeeled willow.

1. Bamboo BasketsBamboo Slats | Heavy Bamboo Baskets | Woven Bamboo |

2. Baskets of Miscellaneous MaterialsRope Baskets | Wood Slat Baskets | Reed Baskets
These items are made of miscellaneous materials or of combination of several materials.

3. Burlap Baskets
Our new "Burlap" Baskets has received great compliment this Spring. So we are adding more designs to this collection. In fact, most of what are shown here are from our customers suggestions. If you would like us to make something new, please do not hesitate to tell us

4. Corrugated PaperHat Shape boxes | Tuxedo shape boxes | Lidded boxes | Unlidded boxes
Corrugated paper can be made into different shapes and prints. With decent quantity, you can pack a unique gift to yourself.

5. Country BasketsVine | Birch Bark | Birch Birch Twig | Tree Bark | Other Materials | Hanging Baskets

6. Hyacinth Baskets
Hyacinth stalks made into baskets bring out the beauty of Nature. Pack your natural products in these baskets. You will come up with a perfect gift in the 21 century.

7. Poli BasketsLight Beige | Medium Tan
These baskets are made of plastics with galvanized wire strung inside. They are dishwashing machine safe, often required by the local health department.

8. Rattan BasketsRattan Baskets w/Metal Frame | Rattan Baskets w/Handle | Rattan Baskets without Handle
Rattan is a vine which grows in the Tropical Forest. Rattan baskets have always been considered the top of the line because of its consistency and uniformity.

9. Recycled Rope BasketsBuff | Chocolate | Brown
These baskets are made of recycled paper. Recycled paper is made into rope and then woven into baskets. Baskets made with this material are extremely eco friendly.

10. Seagrass basketsSeagrass Rope Baskets With side handle | Seagrass Rope Baskets Without side handle | Seagrass Baskets With Flat Weave

11. Unpeeled Willow BasketsHandle | Non Handle | Sets | Special Shapes
The following Unpeeled Willow baskets are part of our collection of fine basketery.

12. Veneer BoxesBirch veneer boxes that stand up | Birch veneer boxes which lay down | Poplar veneer boxes
These boxes can be imprinted with your logo through direct import.

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