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Food & Wine

Under this category, baskets, wire and metal containers for food and wine are featured. Many items can also be found in the categories above.

1. Baskets for Dried FruitsRound Willow | Oval Willow | Bamboo | Straw
These baskets are not only great for dried fruits. They can also be used to pack nuts, candies, and cookies.

2. Baskets w/natural DividersWillow | Wood | Wire | Salsa Bowl
These baskets come in sections divided by the same material as that of the baskets.

3. Baskets with plastic insertsWire | Wood | Willow | bamboo
These baskets come with plastic inserts divided in sections.

4. Bread BasketsBamboo | Poli | Wire

5. Candy traysWith plastic liner | With wood dividers | without divider | with lid
These trays are great for candy and nuts

6. Candy traysWith plastic liner | With wood dividers | without divider | with lid
These trays are great for candy and nuts

7. Catering BasketsPrefinished | Willow
Caters use lots of baskets. More than a tool to hold food, good baskets can enhance the look and make the food more tasty.

8. Chinese Steamer
Chinese steamers are very popular, both as kitchen utencils and as gift basket containers.

9. Food Service BasketsTabletop | Display | Washable

10. Hampers & Picnic BasketsCloth Lined Hampers | Unlined Hampers | UnFitted Baskets | Fitted Baskets | Storage Baskets

11. Kitchen & Table Top Baskets

12. Men's Gift Items
It is hard to find gifts for Men. We have collected the following items based on thousands of customers experiences.

13. Olive Oil Boxesregular 200ml and 375ml | mini 60ml and 100ml | spice bottle | customized boxes
These boxes fit standard olive oil bottles or mini bottles. They can be custom made to fit any bottles.

14. Party BasketsCelebration Baskets | Occasion Baskets
The ultimate in a party is when popping out the Party Baskets.

15. Poli BasketsLight Beige | Medium Tan
These baskets are made of plastics with galvanized wire strung inside. They are dishwashing machine safe, often required by the local health department.

16. Tea BasketsRegular Series | Miniature Series
Tea drinking is the fastest growing American pastime, either for health reasons or just for enjoyment. Hence Giving Tea has become hot for all ocassions.

We have assembled a great collection of Tea drinking related items.

17. Wine BasketsWillow | Metal | Wire | Wood | Other
We have gathered some of the finest baskets to enhance the value of wines, making a simple bottle of wine into a memorable gift.

18. Wine boxesK.D.boxes | boxes with sliding wood panel | boxes with acrylic panel | other wine boxes
Wooden boxes are traditional packing containers for wine bottles. We are able to put custom logos on these boxes with nominal charges. There are two ways to put your logo on, hot iron stamping or silk screening. Hot iron gives you the look of the tradition. Silk screen offers higher quality.

19. Wine Boxes w/AccessoriesFaux Leather | wood Boxes | Metal Boxes | Wood Stands
These wine boxes come with the accessories as photographed. They can be changed to your specifications.

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