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Flowers and Plants

The containers here are for garden centers, greenhouse, and florists. Wicker baskets are available with plastic liners or self lined with plastic sheets to hold water. Metal buckets are water proof. In some cases, we drill small holes on the buckets to allow good drainage. This category has a lot of products customized to fit live plants.

1. Baskets for FloristsMake up baskets without handle | Make up baskets with handle | Fireside and Princess Baskets | Pot covers with hard plastic liner | Pot covers with sewn in liner | Double plant baskets | European garden without handle | European garden with handles | Floral Vases
Florists are the most innovative. Baskets shown here are only suggestive. Please click the icon you wish to see. You will be taken to view the details.

2. Baskets for Garden CentersBaskets for direct planting | European Garden Baskets | Handle Baskets

3. Baskets for GreenhousesHanging Baskets | Hanging Metal Containers | Pot Covers | Bulb Pan Covers | Other Baskets
Garden Centers use lots of foliages in their designs, thus requiring very sophisticated baskets. Many of these baskets in this page come with liners. However, human ingenuity in basket design outgrows our ability to make liners. You'd have to use plastic sheets to suppliment. Please pay attention to each individual item of the liner availability.

4. Galvanized Steel ContainersIce Buckets | With Handles | Non Handles | Plant Holders | Flower Vases | Novelty Items
Galvanized Steel is a American tradition. Wares made of galvanized steel are leak proof. They can be cleaned in Dish Washing Machines and can be baked in ovens. The zinc coating is non toxic and does not rust. You can do a number of things with these items.

5. Garden TrellisesBird Houses | Unpeeled Willow Trellises | Bamboo Trellises
Trellises, welcome sticks, and garden torches light up the eyes and warm up the hearts.

6. Plant Baskets4 inch Plant | 6 inch Plant | 8 inch Plant | 10 inch or larger | Half Pot Baskets | Double Plant Baskets | Plant Basket in Sets | Hanging Plant | Plantstand
Pot size varies in different regions, depending on the pot makers. It is particularly noticeable on 4 inch plants. They vary from 3.25" tall to exactly 4" tall. Please pay special attention to the dimensions of each individual item which will contain the inside dimensions at the top, the bottom, and the side.

7. Wood Buckets & Handle BasketsWood Buckets | Wood Handle Baskets | Other shapes of wood

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