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The Successful Gift Basket Packer

The successful gift basket packer knows his/hers clients as well his/hers suppliers. Most gift basket packers know their clients. They know all their domestic suppliers well. But they have difficuty understanding how the baskets are supplied.

That is because all the affordable baskets are made in countries where labor is still cheap. Even in these countries, only people who live in the most remote and inaccessible areas are willing to perform the work. City people, even in the third world, do not work on basket making.

Therefore, the most difficult job we are facing is to bring the baskets from where they are made to where they are used.

Nobody can stock all the baskets under one roof. Regardless how many baskets we have today, they can be cleaned out by one customer in one day. Since our supply line is so long, we will be out of this basket for a while.

As a gift basket user, it is important to know who you are dealing with and how reliable he/she is.

Before Coe & Dru established our own subsidiary in China, we were buying baskets from the government owned exporters. We got great prices. But we never had any communications. Chinese Government employees never answered our request. After placing an order, we'd never know when could we expect our merchandise. Sometimes it took six months, some times nine months to receive our shipment.

Now we are different. We have our own subsidiary in China. Our employees there have to work to earn their living. We communicate with each other all the time. We know the progress of one particular basket. If we make a promise, we deliver.

The baskets are made in the remote villages of China. But we have skilled designers in Shenzhen who specialize in making samples. When you give us your requirement, we can normally have a counter sample made within one week.

And we bring in the baskets from those villages to our warehouse in Shenzhen in private trucks, not through the government owned railroad system. We may pay a little more in freight, but we control our own destination.

Shenzhen is as civilized as any major city in the world. Tens of thousands of ocean going containers cross the border to Hong Kong each day. Once we have loaded our containers in Shenzhen, we know exactly where our merchandises are.

It rarely takes us more than 90 days to deliver an order. Very often, we can deliver our goods in 75 days. But it is impossible for us to deliver in 60 days. If you have a need in 60 days, please select your baskets from the inventory in Los Angeles.

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